Cosmetics store- architecture and interior design

A good design for a retail makeup store, which is to offer a relaxed shopping experience for customers. Cosmetics should be displayed conveniently, directly and clearly on the furniture of the cosmetics store. Considering that young consumers are important, an elegant and attractive interior design of the makeup store is very important.


The design concept of the Flormar store is friendly, fresh and young as the universe of brand makeup. It is a space where teenagers can create their own experiences with their “best friends” by connecting with the brand. The lighting schemes and patterns have a family of light sources, wall patterns and decorations, which allows creating different moods, maintaining continuity.


All the furniture is mobile and reconfigurable, which facilitates the change and modularity. Immersion of clients in a bedroom, a bathroom or a dressing room allows design durability, making reference to the “home spirit”.

In most cases, only the specific light and background highlight the true quality of makeup. For example, the transparent makeup bottle looks crystal clear with an LED light. The small size makeup, like the eyebrow pencil, should be shown in a group, since it is easier to get the attention of the clients. Although, too loaded items can make buyers feel that they can not be sold. But a little irregular grouped elements come with the impression of “Hot Sale”.

Cosmetics store

The design style and the details of the exhibition furniture have a close relationship with sales. It is a general solution design, Ujoy Display has helped many makeup brands to design in a personalized way and to produce the best suitable store furniture. Contact us now to get free design ideas and customized solutions for your retail store and mall.

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